Filip has a broad marketing experience spanning from being a junior content creator to a senior strategy developer. Working internationally to inhouse, in the private, freelance and the public sector. This wide set of experiences gives Filip the ability to grasp a broad concept of different marketing challenges as well as the ability to dive deep into the details. His passion for marketing now lies with helping others find new angles and move them forward in their quest to make good marketing that works, and that’s not just a fancy adcampain for some agency portfolio. 
So this is what we can do for you

Brand essence workshop:
Find the core of your business, what makes you unique and who you are as a brand. The workshop focuses on finding the core and not imagining some facade that does not represent what the company is really about. 

Talks on marketing:
The key to good marketing is to understand that it is not about what you as a marketer want to say or what fancy campaign you want to produce, it's about what your market can understand and perceive. In this talk that combines neuroscience with marketing strategy you get new inspiration on how you can get closer and understood better by your market. 
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